Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

There is something about cooking on a wood-fired oven.  The smell of the wood burning and tremendous heat make it a truly unique experience.  Plus you’ll get all those wonderful flavors you just can’t achieve wood-fired-pizza-ovenwith gas ovens. With the growing popularity of outdoor kitchens, we’re finding more and more portable wood burning pizza ovens available for residential use, and these ovens are multipurpose!  While they are great for cooking pizza they are also great for baking, or throwing a steak on a cast iron skillet and sear at a higher temperature than a traditional grill can offer. Related Articles:  Outdoor Kitchen Series We’ve found the 5 best wood burning pizza ovens in 5 different categories so you are sure to find one that is right for your patio or outdoor kitchen.

Overall Best Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Our overall all around #1 oven is the Chicago Brick Oven CBO-500 Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven On a Cart.  The oven’s copper finish is visually appealing and its construction is unrivaled.  Made of refractory cement it will retain incredibly high temperatures and its dome shape design is consistent with traditional brick oven pizza’s pulling heat from the fire up and around the entire oven. While heavy at a 500 pounds the oven comes fully assembled and the included cart with casters allow for portability.


Based on price, construction, heat, and portability this is the best all around wood-fired pizza oven on the market.  Customers rave about it and it becomes the focal point of any patio or outdoor kitchen. While Chicago Brick Oven Company does offer larger more expensive ovens the 29×23 inch cooking surface in the CBO-500 is plenty big enough for large pizzas.



Best Stainless Steel Wood Fired Pizza Oven

If you’re trying to maintain the stainless steel look to match the rest of your outdoor cooking components then the Forno Toscano Margherita Wood-Fired Pizza Oven on a cart is the best option going.toscano-wood-fired-pizza-oven This oven heats up more quickly than most of the ovens in its class.  In about 15 minutes, it achieves optimum heat and will cook Neopolitan style pizzas in about 2 minutes. Made of 441-grade stainless steel this oven is extremely durable and easy to maintain plus the exterior of the oven remains cool to the touch as the refractory brick interior holds all of the heat. Lastly, this is one of the most portable ovens on our list.  The handles that pop out from the unit enable it to be moved around like a wheelbarrow. Conclusion Based on value, portability, and heating performance this is the best stainless steel wood-fired pizza oven out there.  Even with its modern look and feel it maintains the traditional brick oven cooking elements for the flavors you expect from a wood-fired oven.

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Best Combo Oven & Smoker

By far the most versatile oven on our list the EcoQue ECO-71008 Wood-Fired Pizza Oven and Smoker is perfectEcoQue-pizza-oven-smoker if you’re in the market for a combo oven and smoker.  This oven works by lighting chunk wood in the fire chamber which heats the pizza oven chamber above.  That chamber will reach temps of 660 degrees plus for pizza or reduce the temperature and bake bread or virtually anything you would cook in an oven with cast iron or stone cookware. The second chamber above is designed for smoking.  The heat is indirect and the unit comes with a water tray to keep meats moist.  The cooker also comes with prep trays and baking tins. Conclusion With a small footprint, this oven smoker combo achieves best in class status for versatility, construction, value, and portability.  Excellent customer reviews and customer service and well priced in its class make this is the best combo oven on the market.

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Best Pizza Oven For Small Spaces

If limited outdoor space is an issue check out the L’Art Du Jardin Napoli Wood Burning Outdoor Pizza Oven .  Designed for balconies or small decks or patios the Napoli Oven’s double wall and stainless steel construction allows for excellent heat retention letting you cook up to two hours after the fire goes out.  Even with its small design there is still room for wood storage and the unit comes with a cover. Conclusion Its small footprint and relative affordability make this the best wood burning oven for small spaces. Even if the only outdoor space available is a balcony you can still get delicious wood flavor with the Napoli Oven.

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Most Affordable Wood Pizza Ovenla-hacienda

Priced at $189 the La Hacienda 56107 US Steel Construction Pizza Oven and Smoker is the most affordable pizza oven on our list.  This model has wheels and a handle for portability and steel construction. Conclusion If price is the main factor in determining which wood-fired pizza oven is for you then consider the La Hacienda as it’s the most affordable model in its category.

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