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Thanks for visiting TheUrbanBackyard.com My name is Ryan and I created the site to give folks with smaller backyards tips and ideas on everything you can think of for your outdoor space.

Why you ask?

About three years ago my wife and I bought a three-story row house in Boston, MA. The whole house needed work, but the most GLARING eye sore was the back yard. We first looked at the house in early May, before Spring had really sprung in Boston. The yard had some zig-zagged flower beds made out of railroad ties, a couple of trees, some old dirty blue stone pavers, and a bunch of asphalt.

After leaving the open house, we were so enamored with the idea of having an outdoor space in the city. (We didn’t have any in our last apartment) Sure it needed some work but if we cleaned it up it could be nice.

Fast forward to our walk through just prior to closing on the house in August. Needless to say, Spring had sprung and so had the weeds, small trees, and God knows what else was growing back there. It was a disaster.

We should have demanded the owner’s clear it out prior to closing, but we were so excited to get the property that we just moved forward. A couple days later after moving in and getting somewhat settled we decided we needed to tackle the mess out back. We literally had to go to Home Depot, buy a weed wacker and shears just to get from the back gate to the back door.

From that day on we knew that the first thing we wanted to do was gut our backyard and make it a showpiece.

This site details some of we did to make improve our outdoor space and to give others inspiration for their small outdoor spaces, as well as some tips, tricks, and product advice along the way.

I hope you enjoy the site and find it useful and please leave a comment if you’d like us to research or highlight anything you’re interested in or even just share your story!




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  1. Super site…..God job


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