Celebrate Chillier Nights With Patio Heaters And Fire Pits and Tables!


Gas Patio Heaters


patio-heater-ideasYou’ve probably seen the tall stainless steel gas patio heaters but there is now a ton of variety in this category of residential patio heaters available for just about every budget. From Table Top Propane Heaters designed to heat smaller areas to free standing Pyramid Style Heaters with their dancing flames, a new patio heater can spruce up the look of a patio and add light and warmth. Some of these units are so striking they become the focal point of your outdoor space. See our series on Patio Heaters to learn everything you need to know to find the right heater for your outdoor space!

Fire Tables and Table Top Fire Bowls


It used to be one would only see these dramatic fire tables at high-end hotels and restaurants but Gas Fire Tables for residential use are more affordable than ever and come in so many styles and sizes it can make your head spin. We’ve put together a buying guide to help in your search.

For smaller fire sources, we’ve featured some of the coolest little Table Top Fire Bowls and Fire Pits. Reasonably priced these little balls of fire really add to existing patio tables and conversation sets. You have to check these out!

Rectangular Propane Fire Table

Propane fire pit tables for residential use are at an all-time high in popularity. While not necessarily cheap the prices have come way down in recent years and as such, consumers are adding them to their outdoor spaces in droves. They’ve become the focal point... read more

Fire Pits


Lastly, our series on easy DIY Fire Pit Ideas includes is your guide to all things fire pits. We’ve even found all in one Fire Pit Kits that include everything you need to build a custom looking fire pit delivered right to your door. No need to mix mortar or cut stones. With these kits, you’ll be enjoying a cozy fire in a matter of ours. Some even come with grates for grilling over and open flame!

Landmann Ball O Fire – Fire Pit

The landmann Ball O Fire – Fire Pit is the perfect solution is you’re in the market for a unique extra large fire pit. Steel and cast iron fire pits have become pretty commonplace in residential backyards over the last few years especially as the weather... read more

Outdoor Patio Heating Ideas

Patio Heating Ideas Patio heaters and fire sources are becoming more and more popular in backyards these days. They used to be cost prohibitive, but residential patio heaters and fire sources like fire tables and pits are now priced for the masses. So much so that... read more

Easy Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

As the nights start to cool off and days get a little shorter it’s the perfect time to give your yard or patio a makeover with these easy backyard fire pit ideas. There are few things as relaxing as a warm fire plus they create an instant gathering area in your... read more
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