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Uniden UDR444 Guardian 4.3-Inch Video Surveillance System Backyard-Security-Cameras

Product Name: Uniden UDR444 Guardian
Price: $155.20
Owners: Uniden Corporation
Verdict: Budget Friendly Entry Level Surveillance System With a Good Feature Set


With backyards and patios becoming more like outdoor rooms featuring things like outdoor kitchens, fire tables, and conversation sets not to mention all of the lawn and garden tools stored in the shed it makes sense to add a little extra security and peace of mind especially if your yard is located in a big city.

Because of this we’ve highlighted the Uniden UDR444 Guardian 4.3-Inch Video Surveillance System as the best affordable outdoor camera and monitor combo based on value, ease of set-up, and customer reviews.



The Uniden UDR444 Guardian comes with two indoor / outdoor wireless cameras and a 4.3-inch portable high-resolution color monitor that doubles as the remote control for the cameras and user interface for the system its self.

Set-up is very intuitive. Simply turn the camera and monitor on and they immediately pair themselves to each other via a digitally encrypted wireless signal. The monitor walks the user through the entire setup process.


Recording can be done in a variety of ways. Manually set recordings from the monitor if you are on the premises. Schedule recordings while away, or let the camera’s passive infrared sensors detect motion and immediately start a recording.

Watch live on the monitor, or remotely via the Skype app on a laptop, desktop, mobile or tablet device. Record and watch up to 12 hours of recordings from the MicroSD card which is included with the system.

The systems 2-way audio lets you listen to what’s happening remotely up to 50 feet away and records crystal clear audio as well. It can also be used as an intercom system which is nice to have if the kids are in the yard!

Camera Highlights

The two included cameras are weatherproof for outdoor use and capable of capturing images up to 40 feet away. Night vision technology allows you to make out faces in the dark and the cameras 2-way microphone lets you hear and record sound.

The system is expandable allowing for an additional two cameras to be incorporated seamlessly into the existing monitor.


Monitor Highlights

The 4.3″ portable hi-res color monitor automatically displays from up to 500′ from the camera. The monitors rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery will run 4.5 hours on a single charge.

Control the cameras position directly from the monitor with the digital zoom, pan, and tilt functions creating complete camera control.

See it in Action!



Full Feature List:


  • 4.3″ Portable, Rechargeable Monitor
  • 2-way Audio
  • Record to SD Card (4GB included)
  • Digital Zoom/Pan/Tilt Capability
  • Supports up to 4 Cameras
  • Secure Digital Connection
  • Outdoor IP65 Camera
  • IR Cut Filter Switch
  • Night Vision up to 40ft
  • PIR Sensor
  • Dual Motion Detection
  • Camera transmits up to 500ft (subject to environmental conditions)
  • Multiple Camera Recording
  • Scheduled Recording
  • Quad, AutoScan or Full Screen View
  • Remote Viewing Using SKYPE™
  • Video Surveillance PC Software

What’s Good About The Uniden UDR444?

We found the value in the Uniden UDR444 to be very good. At well under $200 the system gives good entry level wireless surveillance.

During the day, images are very clear well over 100′ away and the 40′ night vision while grainy is acceptable

The audio quality is exceptional and the intercom proves to be very useful. The set-up process is extremely easy so you don’t need to be an IT professional to get up and running quickly.

Lastly, the system is easily expandable to four camera’s for around $150 making it an affordable and flexible whole home system.


What’s Not So Good About The Uniden UDR444?

What we liked least about the Uniden UDR444 was that it doesn’t have a dedicated smartphone or tablet application. To watch remotely, you must have a Skype account which seems a bit outdated in today’s connected environment.

In our research, we did find complaints about the monitor occasionally freezing up which was easily corrected by pressing the back button, however, we had no issues in our testing.


Uniden UDR444 Price

The Uniden UDR444 list price is $199 but we’ve found it for $155.20 a 22% savings!

BEST PRICE $155.20


The Uniden UDR444 digital wireless surveillance video system is easy to set up right out of the box, and allows you to safely monitor your home or office, even in the darkest and wettest of conditions. View images discreetly from 500-Feet away on the 4.3-Inch portable high-resolution color monitor. Each camera….




This is the most affordable entry level system. It does what it claims out of the box and for the price the feature set is impressive. The video is acceptable for its price point and the audio and intercom set the Uniden UDR444 apart as a backyard security camera.

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