best-affordable-hand-crank-lanternThorFire Camping LED Lantern USB Rechargeable Mini Flashlight


Looking for a cheap way to light up the night? Innovative design and features make ThorFire Camping LED Lantern USB Rechargeable Mini Flashlight our pick for the best affordable hand crank lantern.

ThorFire is a leading provider of all sorts of flashlights and they’ve peaked our interest with their LED Camping Lantern.



At about the size of a hockey puck its bright orange design and multi-function features including emergency cell phone charger make this an interesting camping lantern. But what really sets it apart for us is its price. At $17 this is the perfect utility lantern and it makes a great gift or stocking stuffer.



Out of the box, the ThorFire LED Camping Lantern is about 2 inches tall and the width of a hockey puck. The built-in battery is rechargeable
via regular 5V USB. Plug it into a computer, the car’s USB port, or a wall outlet and get a charge that will last up to 8 hours on high.


You can also fold out the crank handle and crank away…Cranking for 1 minute will produce 4 minutes of High or 11 minutes of Low mode lantern lighting.

Pull apart the top and bottom of the light and it becomes a lantern with an accordion style middle section that provides exceptionally bright omni-directional LED light. It also comes with USB adapter you can plug into the lantern and charge a dying cell phone. There is a low and high light level setting which is controlled by a button on the base.




  • Its small lightweight orange puck design fits in a pocket or backpack and is easy to find in the dark.
  • The top and bottom base pieces are made of silicone and waterproof.
  • The hand crank power options provides emergency power for both the lantern and a cell phone.
  • Two light levels, high and low, make it a bright flashlight as well as a soft lantern for reading.
  • 40 days money back guarantee and 2 years warranty service!


Perfect For:

  • Grilling at night
  • Boat Owners
  • Campers
  • Hunters
  • Power Outages
  • Backyard sleepovers



One Amazon Reviewer Wrote:

“This LED Lantern has such neat features. First off it’s really compact you can even fit it in you purse. It can be a flashlight or expand to be a lantern. You can either hand crank it or plug it into charger. You can even charge your phone with this little handy device. It has a neat little handle so you can hold your lantern easily in the dark. There are 2 different light modes, bright and brighter.”

Another Writes:

“Used it for the first time last night with the kids trick or treating. Unit worked great and the crank on top was easy to recharge the unit. Kids loved it and dropped it a few time, but it kept on working. Might pick up an extra just to have around.”



For $17 the ThorFire Camping LED Lantern USB Rechargeable Mini Flashlight makes it the best affordable hand crank lantern available today. Its sleek waterproof design lends its self to so many uses and makes a great gift or stocking stuffer as well.

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