Nothing detracts from curb appeal more than stinky old garbage cans overflowing with trash, surrounded by flies, next to the back door or on the deck or patio.   Continuing our series on backyard storage ideas, this article explores ways to conceal those curb appeal killing trash cans and help keep the unwanted critters away.

Check out our list of the 5 best garbage can storage sheds chosen based on decorative appeal, price, and customer reviews.  As well as a couple of good DIY garbage sheds.

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5 Best Garbage Can Storage Sheds

Trash storage sheds come in all sorts of sizes and materials.  We’ve uncovered garbage sheds for small outdoor spaces and large backyards. For families with a lot of trash and for folks who only have a couple bags to throw out on trash day.  With various features and footprints check out our list below:

1. Leisure Season Horizontal Refuse Storage Shed

Best Price – $448.46

Our first garbage shed has the most curb appeal in our opinion and is well priced in the wood garbage shed category.  Well built, the shed features tongue and groove construction and is made with Cypress wood.

There is no floor so you’re able to wheel trash cans right into the unit without having to lift them and the pneumatic lid lets you throw away bags without removing the can. T he dimensions are 66″W x 38″D x 53″H and it can easily hold 2 large bins.


This is a good priced stylish trash storage solution if you are in the market for a wood trash shed.  Wood will weather and requires a bit more upkeep than plastic or resin, but its curb appeal outweighs the maintenance.


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2. Horizontal Shed Resin by Suncast

Best Price – $199.00
Suncast Horizontal Storage Shed

The next shed on our list by Suncast is made of lightweight and durable resin.  It has two lockable doors and a pop-up lid for throwing trash away without removing the bin.

The unit does have a floor meaning you need to negotiate that when moving bins in and out, but because it has a floor you’re able to store other things that you don’t want on the ground.  Its dimensions are 4’6″ W x 2’5.5″ D and at 65 pounds it isn’t too hard to move around.


This is the best priced and most stylish mid-sized resin shed we came across.  Its floor makes for multipurpose storage but does make it harder to move heavy bins in and out.  While not terrible to look at it doesn’t have the curb appeal of a wooden shed but the price reflects that.


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3. Keter Woodland Ultra Shed

Best Price – $357garbage-shed

On the larger side, this Keter Shed is well suited for families that have a couple large trash cans.  Made of weather-resistant resin it is easy to keep clean and dent resistant.  One nice feature of this shed is that it has a sloped floor so loading and unloading large garbage bins is a breeze.  It’s also vented so you don’t need a mask to avoid the smell on a hot August day.

Its dimensions are 70”W x 44”D x 53”H making it about 1.5 feet wider and deeper than our mid-sized resin shed.  Hydraulic pistons make for easy opening of the lid which allows you to add items to trash bins without actually touching the bins.


For its size and price, this is one of the best large resin sheds on the market.  The tan walls are made to look like siding and depending on your decor it blends reasonably well for a resin unit.  One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need a level area to place the shed on due to the way the floor sits on the ground.


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4. Suncast Outdoor Trash Hideaway

Best Price – $39.99garbage-shed

For folks that don’t generate a lot of trash or who want a stylish receptacle when entertaining on the patio or deck, we’ve found the Suncast Trash Hideaway. What’s nice about this small bin is that unlike a regular old rubber made bin the lid latches closed so if the wind kicks up the lid doesn’t.

Its dimensions are 15 3/4″ W by 16″ D by 31 5/8″H and it has a capacity of 33 gallons.  The tan faux wainscot design blends well in most environments..


If you need a small trash receptacle this one fits the bill based on price and utility.  One thing we did find in our research is that the reinforced resin inside can have a tendency to rip garbage bags when pulling them out so keep that in mind if you go with this model.

5. Suncast Outdoor Screen Enclosure

Best Price – $70.82outdoor-screen

If you aren’t as concerned with keeping unwanted pests away from garbage bins consider this lattice screen enclosure.  We added this to our list based on its look as it will absolutely fit into most any outdoor space’s decor and design.

The screen has 5 panels and 4 posts.  Each panel is 44 inches tall by 23 inches wide which enables set up in a variety of shapes to suit your space.  Depending on your set up this screen will conceal more than just trash bins.  It is also great for hiding air conditioning units or kids toys.


We love this solution for folks that don’t need full enclosure around their trash bins as the price is right, it’s very easy to maintain, and it blends well in almost any environment.

DIY Plans and Ideas

If you are the handy type consider making your own garbage shed. While materials might cost a bit garbage-shedmore than some of the resin models mentioned above you’ll be able to get a custom look that matches the house and the exact size you need.

This Old House has a 14 step tutorial with pictures and a supply list to get you through the job.

Jennifer Stimpson from This Old House Magazine Writes:

This Old House senior technical editor Mark Powers recently spent a weekend building one big enough for two 32-gallon trash cans and several stacked recycling bins. Flip-open lids give it easy access so that you can quickly toss something away in the right place. Bifold front doors make it easy to move heavy cans in and out. And handsome siding that matches the house camouflages the whole structure. That means you can put it right up against the house and the focus will still be on the beauty of your home instead of the trash around it.

See the plans here. has another how-to build a garbage shed article complete with video laying out all steps needed to do it yourself.

As you can see there are a number of options out there to keep critters away and conceal those cans whether you need a large garbage shed, a single receptacle, or a custom do-it-yourself project.

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