Looking for heating and fire ideas for your deck, patio, or backyard? We’ve got you covered!

gas-patio-heaterWe’ve all seen the commercial gas patio heaters at restaurants and bars warming up patrons on a chilly fall night.  Maybe you know someone who has one on their patio. What you might not know is how affordable these heaters have become and how many ways there are to heat up your space these days.  From small table top fire columns to fire tables, there are many newer options available reasonable prices.

These patio heating options don’t require a plumber to install costly gas lines and they will add warmth and ambiance to your space.  Check out some of the heating categories that you can easily add to your backyard.

Traditional Commercial Patio Heaters

We’ve all seen these heaters on restaurant patios, but they are now completely affordable for backyard use.  Basic models are under $200 making them well within reach.  Most heaters can be rolled around for portability and have safety features like auto shut off and tipping detection.

Small Foot Print
No Open Flames
No Smoke
Good Heating Coverage

Of course, there are more expensive models that can add to the ambiance of your outdoor space.  Some have dancing flames and a pyramid shape that make the heater a focal point and showpiece.

gas-patio-heaterIt’s important to note that unless you are purchasing a floor model most of these heaters do require some assembly but in researching Amazon reviews, assembly took less than an hour.

While I like the look of these if you are trying to heat your space on cold nights I’d recommend the traditional models as they generally have more BTU’s and heat a larger area.

Tabletop Heaters

Table top models are better suited for smaller areas with less to heat or combined with their bigger counterparts for better coverage.

gas-patio-heaterWhat I love about these models is that they are perfect for conversation areas.  As the prices around resin wicker furniture and the like have come down, you see more and more yards and patios with nice outdoor sofa’s, love seats, and chairs configured as a conversation area.  The table top heaters don’t overwhelm the space and they add to the overall decor as there are many different styles at affordable prices.

On the downside, the majority of these sized models won’t keep you warm on a windy 45-degree night.  Most have around 11k BTU’s which just isn’t enough output when the wind starts blowing.

On the upside, you can find a wide variety of the table top heaters for under $100. Note that most models require the Coleman type propane cannister which run about $3 at Wal-mart.

Fire Tables

This is my favorite outdoor heating product.  There is nothing more relaxing to me than sitting around a fire outside at night with the flames glowing.  I have a fire table inserted into my outdoor kitchen island and have spent countless hours using it.  One of the things that make these tables unique is that you can add various fire logs, colored stones, glass, and pebbles to achieve the look you are going for.  I have logs and glass which we swap out depending on the season.

gas-patio-heaterAs for price, models start around $250 and can run well into the thousands based on the number of BTU’s, size, and table material. I would advised against the lowest end as the reviews I have researched all had positive things to say about the heating element (probably well built for safety reasons) but the frame, fit, and finish of the table itself tended to be shoddy.

I suggest looking at models $400 and up to make sure you aren’t throwing it out in a year.

Fire Columns

In my opinion fire columns are one of the coolest additions to backyard decor to come along in the last few years.  Depending on your needs, you can find columns that serve as a heat source much gas-patio-heaterlike a fire table with a smaller, taller footprint.  Or you can find smaller more decorative columns that can make your backyard look as swanky as a resort’s patio lounge.

Again, the prices vary wildly depending on the model but you can expect to pay from $80 to $400.

One thing to consider when looking at fire columns is their weight. Given that they are on the ground and can be under foot you want to make sure it weighs enough so that it isn’t going anywhere if someone or something accidentally nudges it.

Gel Fueled Table Top Fire Pots

There is a wide variety of small pots and canisters that utilize gel fuel as its fuel source. These are perfect for lighting up a table or countertop and give off more light and heat than candles.

gas-patio-heaterThe gel fuel canisters usually come 12 to a pack and run about $45.  One can will burn for about two hours.  Think of them as the dura flame log for your outdoor space.

Fire pots range from $15 to $150 depending on the style and size.  The nice thing about gel fuel is that you can burn it inside as it is odorless, smokeless, non-toxic, and clean burning and there is no liquid to clean up when the can is done.

As you can see there are quite a few options when it comes to gas patio heaters. I hope this article introduced you to some products you weren’t aware of and your outdoor space becomes the envy of your neighbors as you light it up and heat it up.

Know of a product line we should add to the list? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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