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On October 31, 2015
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All in all one of the smartest portable charcoal grills going. It's clever design and smart features make it a must see.

homping-portable-charcoal-tailgate-grilltWe’ve uncovered one of THE COOLEST portable charcoal grills for tailgating and camping.

The Homping Grill was just launched this year and is changing the way people cook before concerts, camping, and tailgating. Everything about this compact grill is clever including the name. “Homping” is the combination of the words ‘Home’ and ‘Camping’ or ‘Home’ and ‘Tailgating’.


So why is this grill different than other small portable grills?

  • It’s nearly smokeless…use it indoors if you want.
  • The body of the grill stays cool to the touch meaning you can actually move it or walk around with it while cooking.
  • It only uses 8 – 10 charcoal briquettes an hour
  • It’s easy to clean and keep clean…all parts of the grill with the exception of the body are dishwasher safe.


HOW IT WORKSportable-charcoal-tailgate-grill

Within the body of the Homping Grill is a is a battery compartment which holds 3 AAA batteries. Those batteries power a small fan which is used to accelerate the heating process and increase or decrease cooking temps. The body of the grill stays cool to the touch and no coals burn in it.

In the center of the grill is a container that supports the actual charcoal container. Throw some sterno type gel fuel into the container support and light it. Then fill the charcoal container with 8 – 10 briquettes and place it into the container support with the fan on high and in 3 to 5 minutes you are ready to grill!

There is an upper body tray that collects grease and a non-stick grill surface that sits on top of that.





  • Its design…the cool bowl shape is low-profile and will impress your friends
  • Portability…at only 8.5 lbs you can literally take this anywhere.
  • The stay cool body…because the body stays cool to the touch you’re able to move the homper grill while the burgers are sizzling.
  • Its cooking surface is 11.5 inches which is large enough for 4 or 5 burgers yet remains portable
  • Its economical…by using only 8 – 10 briquettes one bag of charcoal goes along way.
  • Mobility…Ergonomic handle design in the body and portable bag make it easy to move almost anywhere.
  • It gets hotter faster…because of the internal fan the grill will be ready to use in minutes.
  • Cool down time…traditional grills take forever to cool down meaning you have to wait until the grill cools to throw in the car. The Homping Grill cools quickly because of the stay cool body.
  • Coming in 2016 the Homping Grill’s fan will have the ability to be powered by a phone or other USB devices!


HOMP AROUNDhomping-grill

There are so many uses for a grill like this. Probably some you’ve never thought of.

Host a make it yourself grilling party. Let your guest pick their meat and grill it themselves…just pass the grill around.

Because it’s virtually smokeless you can take it the park or beach or places where traditional smokey grills would be frowned upon.

BBQ on the kitchen counter. With little smoke output, you can get true charcoal flavor indoors.


Check out what others are saying…

One Amazon review writes:

“You can LITERALLY carry this grill while it’s cooking. Which means – it’s cool enough to put on your plastic folding tabletop, to move if needed, and to put away when you’re done. AWESOME! Plus, as you’ll see, it only requires 6-8 pieces of charcoal (try doing that with your traditional charcoal grill…). Not only is that cost effective and less to carry, it also means LESS MESS!”

All in all this is one of the most clever portable charcoal tailgate grills going today.


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