The landmann Ball O Fire – Fire Pit is the perfect solution is you’re in the market for a unique extra large landmann-ball-o-fire-fire-pitfire pit. Steel and cast iron fire pits have become pretty commonplace in residential backyards over the last few years especially as the weather turns a bit cooler and the nights grow longer.

Traditional looking fire pits bowls are fine for a couple of people. They’ll warm the space relatively well and light up a small area. The ball o fire- fire pit is no traditional fire pit.

This fire pit is aptly named as once the fire is going it literally looks like a ball of fire floating in mid-air.

Here are a few of the reasons why we like it:

  • It’s unique. There is nothing special anymore about traditional fire pits. As for viewing they only offer “half the fire” but with the ball of fire – fire pit you can see the full 360-degree fire.
  • It gets really good customer reviews. It received a 4.5 out of 5 stars based on Amazon customer reviews.  Read More Reviews
  • It holds more wood and more wood equals a bigger fire. You can fit large and small logs compared to smaller fire pits to create the perfectly sized fire!
  • It’s safe. The large mesh sphere top stops any embers from flying around the yard or patio which makes it great if kids and dogs are in the equation.

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Manufacturers Features List:

  • Unique ball-shaped fire pit
  • Outdoor fireplace with spherical spark screen
  • Unobstructed 360-degree view of the fire
  • Large pivoting door with large handle for easy refueling
  • High heat black matte finish
  • landmann-ball-o-fire-firepit-2Removable 30-inch-diameter porcelain fire bowl with handles
  • Sturdy steel construction with 3 legs
  • Measures 30-1/4 by 32-3/4 by 34-3/4 inches

Things To Consider

A few years back Landmann received bad reviews around missing bolts and screws when the fire pit arrived. They’ve since corrected the problem.

Many people purchased a high heat spray paint like Rust-Oleum High Heat 2000 Degree Spray Paint in Flat Black to provide an extra layer of high heat paint. Much like a black gas grill, over time the paint will get damaged from the flames and heat. It runs about $6.00.

Another good idea is to pick up a stainless steal small trash can to use as an ash receptacle.

Don’t forget to grab a set of extra long forks for marshmallows and hot dogs. We found this set on Amazon for $20.

Lastly, you’ll want a cover to keep if from rusting. The Classic Accessories Veranda 44-Inch Round Fire Pit Cover fits well with the Ball O Fire – Fire pit and runs about $16.

Check Out What Others Are Saying:

“I looked on line and in the common stores for a large fire pit that would allow bigger fires and still meet local fire codes for fully covered and contained burning and opted for the Landmann Ball of Fire for several reasons. First, it was at a great price for $189 free delivery, second it was solidly built, third you could open it up and add wood and keep the cover closed to contain embers and debris (some of the other fire pits said not to put the wire mesh cover on them while burning your fire…”


“I’ve had this baby for a couple years now. Totally love it! Keep it dry and it will stay rust free for a long time. Well built AMERICAN MADE fire-pit Not very portable with one person, but doable if you have a truck or trailer to haul it to the next campout!”

This is an ideal fire pit if you are looking for something large and unique to warm and light up your yard, deck, or patio. Its large mesh screen makes it safe and the ashes are relatively easy to clean up. Add the Landmann Ball O Fire – Fire Pit to any outdoor space for an instant new focal point.

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