Propane Fire Tables

As the summer begins to wind down I noticed for the first time last night that the sun was starting to set A LOT earlier Outdoor-Propane-Fire-Tablesthan just a couple of weeks back. No doubt about it Mother Nature is about to flip that switch and the cooler evenings will be here in no time. Don’t let that stop your outdoor entertaining, though, extend the season with an outdoor propane fire table.

Light up your backyard and keep you and your guests cozy and warm throughout the fall and even into the winter! Before you do there are a few things to consider. We’ve done our research and this guide will help get you on your way to finding the perfect fire table for your space!


It used to be that you’d only see gas fire tables at fancy hotels or restaurants but these days they are more affordable and found in a lot of backyards. Fire tables are available in all shapes and sizes so think about whether you need a square or would an octagonal shape make more sense. Bowl designs work well in more modern settings. For smaller areas, lighter more portable tables make sense. For larger outdoor spaces consider a stationary round or square gathering table.

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Know the dimensions. Perhaps you are thinking about swapping an existing conversation table for a fire table. Take measurements to find a similar size. Also consider whether you’d like more surface / table top area over fire area or the other way around. Height is a consideration as well as there are pub height tables available. It’s best to know your space and the size requirements as you don’t want the fire table overtake the area. The largest fire tables are about 40″-45″ in diameter so know what size works best ahead of time.


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Materials and Finish

Think about your backyard and whether you want a fire pit to complement the existing decor or really stand out and be a focal point. Fire tables come in just about any finish you can imagine in an outdoor environment from a stone or slate finish to a wood-look, or concrete to wrought iron.


If there is an existing slate or stone patio, there are many  stone looking fire tables available today which can blend nicely with the patio design. Check out our pick for stone!


Fire tables constructed from aluminum can achieve a variety of looks from rustic to modern. Some even match a wood stain making them a nice addition to an existing deck. Our pick for aluminum tables!


Perfectly suited for some patios, concrete fire tables are durable in any outdoor climate. The high-end models are glass reinforced adding beautiful color and texture to the tables. Obviously these aren’t going to be very portable so make sure you’re going to be happy with the location if you decide on one a concrete fire table. See our pick for concrete tables!


To really bring the indoors outside consider a fire table with a polished granite top like a kitchen countertop. Just like indoor countertops granite can take a beating and will hold up in the elements outside. Check out our pick for granite!


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Warmth vs. Aesthetics

A BTU or, British Thermal Unit is a unit of measure used to measure the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of liquid water by one degree Fahrenheit. Propane fire tables are measured in BTU’s and they range from 40,000 to 60,000 more or less. In general the more BTU’s the warmer the fire will be taking into consideration the space between the fire and you. If you are trying to accomplish the “fire look” without the heat shoot for fewer BTU’s. No matter the BTU’s you select most fire tables and pits for that matter come with push button ignition so you can start your fire instantly.


One of the advantages to gas fire tables or fire pits it the ability to have a variety of alternatives to wood logs. Create a campfire look with fire rocks and real look fire logs. Or produce a spa-like atmosphere with a variety of fire glass in different colors and shapes. Lava rocks or stones also work well too. One thing to keep in mind is that fire logs and lava rocks tend to hold more heat providing more warmth than the fire glass products. Some tables offer protective screens and covers keeping any flying embers at bay. Also, look to see if there are vinyl covers that can be used to protect the table when not in use.

Fire Glass


Fire tables will run anywhere from $250 – $3,000 plus depending on the factors we covered above as well as the overall fit and finish of the table. We recommend staying away from the cheaper models for a couple of reasons. First, these tables live outside. The cheaper models don’t hold up over time and you’ll find yourself replacing them after a couple of seasons at best. Secondly we are talking about propane gas and fire in your outdoor space. All of the models on the market are safe but when it comes to fire near your home do you really want the cheapest model on the market?

AZ Patio Heaters Fire Pit

AZ Patio Heaters

The center attraction of any outdoor space.  This rectangular aluminum fire table will light up the night and it comes with a free cover! From Amazon


Darlee Propane Fire Pit Chat Table

Seat guests comfortably around this well built fire table.  Features fire glass and aluminum construction.

Outdoor Great Room Providence Stainless Steel Crystal Fire Pit Table

Add casual comfort and warmth to a small outdoor space. From Amazon

Lakeview Aluminum Fire Pit Table

Lakeview Aluminum Fire Pit Table

Combine this cast aluminum patio fire pit table with any set of chairs for a customized patio set. From Shopper Choice


Real Flame Mezzo Round Propane Fire Pit/Table in Antique White

Add flare to and a gathering space to any patio.  Comes complete with lava rock filler and a protective cover for when the table is not in use.

From Amazon

Outdoor GreatRoom Company 42 Inch Fire Pit Table | Granite Top | Lazy Susan

A center swivel makes this fire table great for entertaining.  Fire pit can be converted to and ice bin!

From Shoppers Choices

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