The Primo Oval XL is fastly becoming a serious competitor to the Big Green Egg line of ceramic kamado style grills. Its patented oval design affords more surface area at the bottom of the cooker.

The increased surface area makes it easier to create two zones, hot and cold giving the chef flexibility and the ability to cook juicy steaks hot and fast and roast tender chicken at lower temps all at the same time.

To get the most out of the Primo XL, there are some additional accessories that take advantage of its oval design and add additional cooking surface area.

Here are the must have Primo Oval XL Accessories

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Primo 334 Cast Iron Divider for Primo Oval XL Grillprimo-oval-divider

This custom divider built for the Primo XL is made of heavy duty cast iron and allows for true two zone cooking. Place your charcoal on one side of the divider and leave the other side empty. Cook hot and fast over the coal or slow and low over indirect heat.


Primo 324 Ceramic Heat Reflector Plates for Primo Oval XL GrillPrimo-Oval-XL-Heat-reflector-plates

The heat reflector plates turn your grill into a smoker / oven by giving you the option for indirect cooking. They come with two reflector plates, use one if you want to be able to cook over coals as well as indirect heat, or both if you’re slow-roasting a turkey or baking a pizza.


Primo 332 Extended Cooking Rack for Primo Oval XL Grillprimo-oval-xl-accessories

These additional racks add tiers of cooking surface to the Primo XL. The additional tiers allow for more flexibility as the temperature will be cooler on the upper tier. They also increase the cooking surface area from 400 square inches to a whopping 680 square inches.


primo-drip-rackPrimo 333 Roaster Drip Pan Racks for Primo Oval XL Grill

It would be nice if Primo included the lower racks with the purchase but, unfortunately, they don’t. They are a must if you intend to use the grill as a smoker as they support a drip pan which prevents flare-ups. Chefs also add liquids to the drip pan like apple cider vinegar to enhance flavor.


That sums up the must have accessories for the Primo Oval XL, but there are some other fun accessories Primo offers that add convenience to the cooking process.

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The Primo 777 Grill Lifter for any Primo Grill lets you safely remove racks, the drip pan lower rack, and the extended upper racks. The Primo 776 Ash Tool for any Primo Grill is useful when racking ashes out of the bottom of the grill. It also makes stoking the coals easier. There isn’t generally a lot of leftover ashes, but they do build up over time.


The Primo Half Moon Cast Iron Searing Grate For Oval Xl is great for searing steaks and other
meat at high temperatures. Over time, cast iron becomes well seasoned adding delicious flavor.primo-oval-xl-grate

The Primo Half Moon Cast Iron Griddle for the XL adds even more versatility to the cooker. Use the smooth side for vegetables or breakfast or turn it over and use the grooved side for searing.

As you can see Primo has thought of just about everything when it comes to add-ons and accessories for the Primo Oval XL. It’s unfortunate that some of the must have accessories don’t come standard with the Oval, but they truly do let you get the most out of the grill.

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