Did you know you can seal your patio or hardscaping? Much like stone counter tops, patio’s can be sealed to give added protection and add years of life.

Having sealed my patio last spring, when it was time for this year’s spring clean up all Ipatio-sealer needed to do was hose down my patio and the bluestone literally looked like the day it was installed. ¬†The seal also helps wick away moisture reducing any mold and build up.

Depending on what material your patio is made out of and your personal preference you can choose a sealer for a natural look, or a glossy wet look which I prefer for my bluestone as it enhances the color.

There are many sealers to choose from but I prefer¬†NanoPave Hardscape Sealer – Gloss, Wet Look Finish as it’s reasonably priced and does the job.

Give it a shot this summer and let us know how it went.


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