Every yard, patio, or deck requires a certain amount of privacy especially if it’s located close to neighbors yards. Resin outdoor privacy screen panels help you achieve a bit more privacy and allow you to hide things like garbage cans, toys, and garden tools all while withstanding the harshest of climates both hot and cold.

Resin Outdoor Privacy Screen PanelsBENEFIT OF RESIN

While there are very attractive wood privacy screens as well as DIY options, this article focuses on resin privacy screens. Durable and easy to maintain, resin privacy screens come in a few different colors and styles. Some have a woven wicker-look while others are more traditional looking with attractive lattice work on top. The other nice thing about resin construction is that it is relatively light making them easy to move around which is helpful when you need to access whatever you store behind them.


Resin privacy screens generally come in 3 or 4-panel configurations making them customizable for however you need to use them. Leave a 4-panel privacy screen in a straight configuration to create a mini fence. Or make a U-shape design to create a garbage can storage area that is concealed. Some panels are wider than others so be sure to measure the area you’ll be installing them as you want to make sure you get enough coverage area.


Because of the various configurations there are many uses for privacy screens. Add them to a deck and use the extra height to create more privacy. They are great at concealing things you’d rather not be staring at while using your patio especially if you don’t have a garage for storage.

Use them to conceal things like garbage cans, shovels, rakes, and tools. Set one up around your air conditioner to take it out of site. Create and area to store bikes and toys. Design an outdoor room and use them as a room divider or place them in the garden and let vines grow up them.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular privacy screens.suncast-resin-privacy-screen-panel

Suncast FS4423 Outdoor Screen Enclosure

Suncast makes a lot of durable resin outdoor products. They make two different resin outdoor privacy screens one is a white traditional looking screen with a lattice top which matches nicely with white fences and deck posts.



The other the Suncast FSW4423 4 Panel Resin Wicker Outdoor Screen is a chocolate resin wicker with a zig zag design. Both feature 44 inch tall by 23 inch wide panels connected by steel posts. They can be configured straight, L-Shaped, or U-Shaped. Prices start around $60 making these an affordable addition to any outdoor space.


Versare Outdoor Wicker Resin Room Divider

The Versare Outdoor Wicker Resin Room Divider is an attractive one-panel privacy solution. The panel is made from weather-resistant resin wicker and supported by two aluminum posts.

A couple nice things about the Vesare are the four available color options and it can be secured into a deck or concrete using the holes in the feet.

There are also two height options the 4×4 feet options is about $190 and the 4×6 feet runs about $20 more.


Oriental Furniture 6 ft. Tall Woven Fiber Outdoor All Weather Room Divider

Made from kiln dried spruce posts and vinyl ribbon shades these privacy screens are made for both indoor and outdoor use. The dimensions are 1 x 70 x 71 inches and at a lightweight 20 pounds they are easy to move around. Available in Green, Black, Brown, and White it runs about $200 for a 4-panel screen and less for the 3-panel option. Shipping is also free.


As you can see for well under $200 in some cases you can find exactly what you need to fit your needs. With a variety of colors and styles to match any existing outdoor space, these resin outdoor privacy screen panels help hide the unsightly or add privacy all while withstanding anything mother nature can dole out.

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