backyard-storage-ideasAnyone with a backyard has one thing in common…NOT ENOUGH STORAGE.  We usually have more stuff than space to put it in and if you have a backyard in the city chances are it’s small with less space for storage.  Regardless of size,  you still need a safe and dry place to store the bikes, garbage bins, tools, and toys.

Continuing our series on backyard storage ideas we’ve found some ideal solutions for the things we can store outside.  From DIY plans to rugged easy to assemble sheds.  These won’t take up much yard or patio space and you’ll clear up the clutter.

Easy to assemble all-purpose storage sheds

There are many storage products on the market that help contain our backyard stuff.  We’ve found our 5 favorite sheds for small spaces.  While these aren’t specialized for things like bikes or garbage bins they do solve a problem and save space in a small backyard.

Rubbermaid Plastic Slide Lid Outdoor Storage Shed

Best Price – $480.95Sheds For Small Spaces

We chose this shed from Rubbermaid because of its versatility. Big enough to house lawn mowers and bikes yet its low profile lets you tuck it away so it doesn’t become the focal point of the yard.

Another feature we really like is that the roof of the shed is on rollers and slides backward for vertical access so you don’t need to be superman to remove its lid.

At 96 cubic feet, it is big enough to house your larger backyard items. Its dimensions are 72.1 x 14 x 45.1 inches.  Made of plastic it won’t rot or weather like wood but on the downside it looks like plastic and isn’t all that aesthetically pleasing.


If you need an all-purpose shed but don’t want it to take over your outdoor space this unit fits the bill as long as you can tuck it away so it doesn’t become the plastic focal point of your yard.

Lifetime 6405 Outdoor Storage Shed with Window

Best Price – $989Sheds-For-Small-Spaces

For those looking for a larger yet manageable more permanent shed, we chose this model from Lifetime based on its smart design, customer reviews, and Lifetime’s quality customer support.

As part of the smart design, this shed was built so that it gets a lot of natural light.  The four skylights and 1 shatterproof window let you find what you’re looking for in a crowded shed. It also has 2 screened vents for those warm summer days.

Note that this shed is going to be a permanent and you’ll need to level its foundation with a concrete pad, wood deck, gravel, or patio style surface.  Thankfully the manufacturers manual outlines several floor pad options designed specifically for the unit. Dimensions are 8 x 10 with 71.3 square feet of space.


If you are in the market for a relatively large premade shed with a high pitched roof and a lot of shelving options this will work well.  The 10 year limited warranty and excellent customer reviews for durability and customer service helped it make our list.

Keep in mind you’ll need a permanent pad to place this on and you’ll want to make sure it is level and high enough above grade so that you don’t get leaks.

KETER Factor Resin Shed

Best Price – $883.99Sheds-For-Small-Spaces

Our next all-purpose pre-made shed comes from Keter.  We chose this model because its footprint is compact enough for a small backyard and its wood-look resin walls will hold up in the nastiest climates and it looks closer to wood than plastic.

At 8×6 it compares to the other sheds we’ve highlighted and its double doors make it easy to get bulky backyard items in and out.  With a skylight and air vents, the shed doesn’t make you feel too claustrophobic and dark.

Dimensions are 101 x 71.5 x 95.5 inches and it is heavier than the sheds mentioned above at 235 pounds.  In doing our research, we noticed that most reviews had very good things to say about assembling this shed noting that most were able to get this put together in about 3 hours.


Keter might not be as well known as companies like Rubbermaid however they do have a very good reputation.  The shed’s resin body material is super easy to maintain and cleans up quickly.  I would have liked to see designed with another skylight or window giving it more natural light.

Suncast Sierra Series 6-Feet by 3-Feet Shed

Best Price – $538.00Sheds-For-Small-Spaces

We’ve selected the Suncast 6×3 shed for those who need a smaller footprint and could use more vertical space.  Its 6-foot entry makes it easier to store taller items like ladders.

This shed has double reinforced resin walls that do a decent job at resembling wood.  We really liked the transom windows / vents as they look good and add light and ventilation. Plus we had a hard time finding similarly sized sheds with any windows at all.

The dimensions are 33.8 x 80 x 88 inches making it ideal if you want to place this against a fence or the house as it doesn’t protrude past 3 feet.


This shed made our list for its handsome transom windows and tall double doors.  It’s also stylish enough to add character to an outdoor space compared to some of the similarly priced plastic models.

If you need space for a larger mower or trash bin this shed probably isn’t for you as those larger items are about all you’ll be able to fit, however, if you need the vertical space this shed has it.

Arrow WL65 Woodlake 6-Feet by 5-Feet Steel Storage Shed

Best Price – $246.48Sheds-For-Small-Spaces

The last shed that made our list comes from Arrow. We selected this shed based on its wood grain look, storage capacity, and price.

The entrance, storage capacity, and footprint allow you to store bulkier items like patio furniture. Dimensions are 54.2 x 71.2 x 68.6 inches which provide 147 cubic space of storage space.  You can also purchase the shed’s floor frame kit which is an easy to assemble foundation for the shed.


Priced well below most similarly sized sheds you get a lot of space for the money and the wood-look steel walls blend nicely in any outdoor space.  While the walls are pre-drilled we did note in our research that assembly took about a day which was longer than the other sheds on our list.

DIY Sheds

Looking for a new project? We’ve found some great resources around building your own shed. Keep in mind every city and town’s permitting process varies so check to see what if any permits you need before you start.

We’ve found some great DIY articles from the folks at Instructables in other articles so check out their take on building a shed in 12 steps. has a nice free shed building plan here as well.Sheds-For-Small-Spaces

Fast Framer Universal Storage Shed Framing Kit

Best Price – $49

If you’re not sure you have the chops to build a shed from scratch check out the Fast Framer Shed Framing Kit.  It takes a lot of the carpentry out of the building process including measure and cutting angles.



So if you don’t have acres and acres to work with there are still some very good options for backyard storage without overtaking your space.

Do you have the perfect shed for a small outdoor space? Let us know….leave a comment below.

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