HeatTrak HR20-60 Residential Snow-Melting Walkway Mat


sidewalk-snow-melting-systemEvery winter there is no avoiding it. The snow will come and with it comes back breaking shoveling and time-consuming snow blowing. A sidewalk snow melting system can help.  One thing snow lovers and haters can agree on is that shoveling is no fun. And for folk that are up there in age it can be downright dangerous. Studies prove heart attacks increase exponentially during snow storms due to shoveling.

There is an easier way to keep walkways and steps clear of ice and snow. The HeatTrak HR20-60 Snow-Melting Walkway Mats eliminates the need to shovel all winter long.



The HeatTrak system is the only electric walkway heating solution for residential use. The mats are water-proof and designed to be left outside all winter long.

The HeatTrak HR20-60 Snow-Melting System consists of the following components:

heattrak-stair-matWalkway Mat – 20″ x 60″
Stairway Mat – 10″ x 30″
Power Unit
20″ Cable Extender
25′ Cable Extender

All of the products are inter-connectable meaning you can create a customizable walkway heating system that works for your house. Walkway mats can connect to more walkway mats as well as stair mats by connecting the male and female connectors.

When you connect a stairway mat to a walkway mat the 20″ cable extender is needed to provide extra length due to the stair’s tread.

The power unit is required to provide electricity to the HeatTrak system. The power unit has a 6′ cord andmust be connected to a properly grounded 120v outlet. If the outlet is more than 6′ away from the installation HeatTrak provides a 25′ Cable Extender for extra length. HeatTrak’s cable extender is designed for use all winter, unlike traditional extension cords.

heattrak-res-mats-illo-smAfter the HeatTrak system is in place turn the mats on 30 minutes prior to snowfall for best performance. You can turn the unit on after snowfall, but it will take longer to melt the snow and ice.

Keep the mats on at least 2 hours after the snow ends to prevent ice from forming.

The mats are safe to use on concrete, stone, asphalt, and wood decks. They are not to be used on plastic or composite decks as they can damage the mats.



  • Effective from -5 F
  • Melts up to 2″ an hour
  • Connect up to 15 Amps on one power unit
  • Stair Mats = 0.6 Amps
  • Walkway Mats = 2.5 Amps
  • Connect up to 15 Stair Mats 5 Walkway Mats on a single power unit



  • Snow-melting walkway mat for residential use; measures 20 x 60 inches (20 inches x 5 feet)
  • Can be used independently or interconnected to other stair or walkway mats
  • Made of customized thermoplastic material
  • Melts 2 inches of snow per hour; designed to be left outside for the entire winter season
  • Requires 120-volt power unit (sold separately)

Watch How It Works


  • Very portable and easy to install
  • Customizable configurations can be installed in a large variety of shapes and sizes
  • Eliminate the need for salt
  • heatrak-hr20-60-residential-snow-melting-systemSafer for pets
  • No more icy build up after storms



  • Extra electricity costs
  • The end of walkway mats can curl upward if not secured properly



We recommend the HeatTrak HR20-60 Snow-Melting system as it does exactly what it claims to do. It will keep a walkway clear and dry all winter and eliminates the need for shoveling, snow blowing, and salting. On average customer reviews are very good. They are reasonably priced considering the time and work they save. Bottom line – if you’re tired of breaking your back throughout the winter season the HeatTrak HR20-60 Snow-Melting System is worth a closer look.

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