Ingenious Ways To Make Smores Without a Campfire

Nothing warms the heart and brings back childhood memories more than that delicious marshmallow,Smores-Without-a-Campfire chocolate and graham cracker treat known as the smore. But let’s be honest, how often are we really gathered around a campfire these days.

Well, fear not, we’ve found a myriad of ways to make s’mores without a campfire that are safe for kids and sure to be a hit at your next gathering. Even adults love this delicious desert and have a blast making them. It’s entertaining in its self!

So check out all of the ingenious new ways to make smores, from electric smore makers, to smores on the grill find the one that is right for you and be the hit of your next gathering!


First up is the Hershey’s S’mores Cooker Indoor and Outdoor FUN! A can of
Sterno sits under the adorable ceramic faux campfire which heats the chrome plated grill at a safe temperature.

The Set Includes snuffer, safety burner handle, safety burner fuel holder, chrome-plated grill, Ceramic safety burner holder, Log base, 4 Hershey’s S’mores ceramic trays for easy marshmallow removal and 4 marshmallow toasting fork making it perfect for kids.


Next up take your smores to the grill with the S’more to Love STL-611 6-S’more Maker. This nifty and inexpensive contraption holds six smores and keeps the marshmallows and chocolate together in its easy to clean grates. No need for a campfire, take this indoors in the oven or toaster oven for a no nonsense desert.


If you signed up to bring the desert at the next potluck you need to check out the Sensio Bella 13578 Smores Makersmore-maker-kit. It’ll cook four smores at a time and is completely portable. Bakes faster than in the oven and its nonstick coating makes for super easy clean up.


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Recreate campfire memories of this classic treat without the hassle of building a fire withthe Electric S’more Maker. With this smore maker you don’t have to hassle with lighting up a can of Sterno, just plug it in and go. It includes a stainless steel heating unit with cover, a 4-compartment prep & serving tray, and 2 long-handled forks.



Keep is super simple with the Progressive International GMMC-68 Microwavable S’Mores Maker. This little smore maker goes right in the microwave and creates those oowy goowy treats in just 30 seconds. The arms keep the marshmallows from over expanding and over cooking. Dishwasher safe and cleans up easily.



Powered by a chaffing dish this utilitarian smore maker from Casa Moda “S’mores” Maker has a lazy susan making it perfect for entertaining. Let guests make their own smores at the next get together.

casa moda s’mores maker
One Amazon Reviewer writes:

“This is awesome! I got the S’mores Maker as a Christmas gift and have completely used up all 3 cans of chafing fuel that I got with the gift. I’m addicted!

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to be able to eat S’mores at any time of the year! I used to make S’mores in the microwave, but the marshmallows always got chewy. This is the perfect solution.”


For some adult-friendly smore making ideas think out of the box with a table top fire pit bowl. So

table-top-fire-bowl what are they? Tabletop fire bowls are small vessels that can safely house a fuel source that will output a small flame. Made from glass, stone, pottery, or synthetic materials they are easily portable.

With a wide variety to choose from they add to any existing outdoor decor. Some are even safe to use indoors. So add a little flair, light, and heat to the patio while roasting marshmallow to boot!

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Kick it up a notch with these gorgeous fire pit tables! No need for flying embers or messy ashes. These propane fueled fire tables are available in just about any shape, style, and size you can think of and end up being the focal point of your outdoor space. Family and friends can roast marshmallows all while keeping warm on chilly nights.


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So as you can see the are of making s’mores has come along way. Make your smores without a campfire and be the talk of your next get gathering.

Do you have a favorite way to make smores? Join the conversation…leave a comment below.

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