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If you are in the market for a multi-purpose charcoal bbq grill we highly recommend the STOK DRUM Charcoal Grill. Cast iron grates are a game changer when it comes to searing and flavor.

STOK DRUM Charcoal Grill Reviewstoke grill reviews

We’re always in search for smarter more versatile versions of the backyard staples and the STOK Drum Charcoal Grill is a perfect example.

If you’ve been looking for a traditional charcoal grill, STOK has changed the game and added some incredibly smart features as well as better cooking grates. So before you spend more on a Weber find out more about the STOK. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!



The STOK DRUM Charcoal Grill is a traditional BBQ grill with a dome shape, temperature indicator, vents, and grates. That said, a few features set this grill apart from other traditional charcoal grills.



Heavy Duty Cast Iron Grates

As a standalone charcoal grill, one big differentiator between STOK and its competition is the cast iron grates. Much like a decades old skillet, cast iron will become more and more seasoned over time adding additional flavor to whatever you’re cooking.

Cast iron also absorbs and retains more heat which lets you achieve a better sear when cooking meat. Most traditional charcoal grills will come standard with stainless steel cooking grates. Weber offers cast iron upgrades to the tune of an additional $50.


STOK Insert System

STOK’s insert system is a first of its kind interchangeable grate system that allows you to change the grill grate to any STOK Insert such as a pizza stone, smoker, veggie tray, and much more. This versatility is usually only found in high-end ceramic kamado style grills costing 10x more.

While the inserts like a griddle, smoker box, or wok are really nice to have the insert system without the additional inserts is a better design on its own.

It allows for easier charcoal lighting as you can add the coals to the center insert and keep them there. This method allows for easy two zone cooking. Direct cooking in the center over the coals and indirect around the outside radius of the of the grill.

stok charcoal grill grate



A porcelain coated hood and firebox, tubular tripod frame with two wheels, and built-in temperature gauge round out the features of the STOK DRUM Grill.



22.5” Diameter Firebox, 363 sq. in. Grilling Surface


  • Included cast iron grates
  • A heat shield sits beneath the handle keeping it cool
  • The center insert system allows for easy two zone cooking and the additional inserts make this a versatile tool to cook just about anything over charcoal.
  • The included STOK insert removal tool is designed to safely remove hot grates, the ash pan, and the coal insert column.
  • The top vent has many holes allowing for more temperature control vs. a 4 hole vent found in its competitors.  This design provides better temperature
  • The smart design hood is able to be hung from the handle when removed from the grill.


  • There are numerous reports that the tool STOK includes to remove the grates is shoddy and won’t stand up to temperature over many uses.
  • While it has a decent size grilling surface at 363 sq. in. there are charcoal grills that have a larger grilling surface.


If you are in the market for a multi-purpose charcoal bbq grill we highly recommend the STOK DRUM Charcoal Grill. Cast iron grates are a game changer when it comes to searing and flavor. Plus the majority of grills whether charcoal or gas don’t include them standard, but STOK does.

The ease of indirect cooking is built-in to this grill so you’ll spend less time trying to achieve true two zone cooking.

The insert system means you don’t have to invest in an additional charcoal lighting system and allows for additional add-ons like a pizza stone, wok, and veggie roaster.

Priced under $150, the STOK DRUM Charcoal Grill provides versatility and value in a charcoal drum grill.

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