Vinyl arbor trellises enhance any outdoor space immediately with practically no maintenance and very little assembly. Add an arbor to a walkway for a new focal point. Add climbing vines and bushes that naturally weave through the trellis.

While you can spend over $1,000 on arbors you certainly don’t have to. We’ve found a bunch of vinyl arbor trellises around or under $200 in many styles, shapes, and sizes.


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Advantages Of Vinylvinyl-arbors

Vinyl is the perfect construction material for spaces subject to extreme weather conditions. Scorching heat and sub-zero temperatures simply don’t affect the finish. Unlike wood, it doesn’t fade or splinter in the elements and unlike wood there is no staining or maintenance required. Simply spray it down with a garden hose and it’ll look like new.

Vinyl arbors can be made to look like natural materials. When choosing an arbor that is made to look like wood or another natural surface be careful to make sure it doesn’t look fake. Pay a bit more to if need be as bad “wood-look” arbors can truly be an eye sore.

Vinyl Arbor Styles

Arbors are available in several variations, but two styles you’ll find most are arched and pergola arbor designs.

Arched Style

Considered the most traditional arbor style, arched arbors are distinguished by their regal curved tops. These work well at entry points to walkways or as a divider in a garden with vines working their way through the lattice sides.

You can find many arched style arbor made of vinyl as well as metal but wood construction is harder to find due to the design.

Pergola Style

With their perpendicular columns and flat cross-beam top pergola style arbors create a classic design. Because of the flat top they are perfect as an accent in a garden where vines can grow completely around the structure or to create a shaded area on a patio.

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Pergola arbors are generally available in more sizes than arched. The larger the size the more expensive they become.

Vinyl Arbors Under $200

Dura-Trel Providence Arbor

Providence-ArborSale Price: 135.99

Made in the USA the Providence Arbor is constructed with 2-inch square posts, making it strong enough for all vines or climbing plants and durable enough to survive even harshest weather conditions. It comes with a 20-year warranty and measures 85-Inch high, 28-Inch deep and 64-Inch wide with walkthrough width of 42-Inch.

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New England Arbors Athens Arbor

new england athens arborSale Price: $119.99

A nice looking addition to any pathway or garden the Athens Arbor is a charming example of an Arched Arbor. With a 20 year warranty, this arbor will outlast any wood product. The post size is 1.5″ x 1.5″ and its dimensions are 23 x 39 x 81 inches and it’s a little over 3 feet wide.

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Somerset Vinyl Arch Arbor

Sale Price: $204.99

The Somerset Vinyl Arch Arbor is solidly built. Its dimensions are 54″ wide x 94″ high x 28″ deep with a 50″ opening path width it features 2″ by 2″ posts and comes with a 20 year warranty.

Somerset Vinyl Arch Arbor

One customer reviewer writes:

“I was a little hesitant at first in purchasing an arbor online because there are so many of its kind that are flimsy. This is NOT the case w/ the Dura-Trel Somerset Vinyl Arch Arbor – it’s very sturdy. Constructing the unit was a snap so long as you have a wide leveled working area. The mounting metal “L” bars was easy to place in the soil – I used a spare piece of wood over the bar, then, hammered down using a rubber mallet. Only time will tell how the Arbor will last after yearly weathering but for now I’m very pleased w/ its construction and appearance!”

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Dura-Trel Wellington Arbor

Wellington Pergola ArborSale Price: $162.23

Made in the USA. This pergola style arbor is easy to assemble and includes four 16 inch steel ground anchors for easy, long lasting installation. The dimensions measure 85-Inch high, 41-Inch deep and 72-Inch wide with walkthrough width of 50-Inch.

Constructed using 2 inch square posts the Wellington Arbor is strong enough for climbing plants and vines and will withstand anything mother nature can throw at it.

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Eden Florence 7.75-ft. Vinyl Pergola Arbor

Sale Price: $219.98

The Eden Florence 7.75-ft. Vinyl Pergola Arbor is a beautiful blend of classic and modern design. It features a gentle swoop arch and attractive side panels. This graceful arbor is constructed of premium, weather-resistant PVC, so you’ll never have to paint or stain it. Its dimensions measure 49W x 24D x 94H inches.

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As you can see you can add a new focal point to your yard, garden, or patio without having to break the bank.  The vinyl arbor trellises will last years and years and with very little maintenance you’ll spend more time enjoying your space.


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