WORX Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow, Dolly, and
Cart Review


Worx Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow Dolly CartThe folks at Worx have managed to build a smarter wheelbarrow featuring 8 functions in one sturdy cart. We’ve been big fans of Worx products ever since we reviewed their cordless lawnmower which is great for smaller backyards. They seem to put an emphasis on smart multi-purpose designs in all of their products.

So if you are looking for a multifunction cart that saves money and space as you’re not buying both a wheelbarrow and a dolly and you aren’t a fan of bending over and breaking your back read on….



On the WORX website, the product is described as an “8-in-1 lifting and moving work system that instantly converts between a wheelbarrow, yard cart, bag holder, dolly, extended dolly, cylinder carrier, rock/plant mover & trailer tote.”

The Aerocart’s primary functions are as a wheelbarrow, cart, and dolly but its sometimes lesser used functions are probably just as useful around the yard. Especially if you don’t have a big strapping man on hand to help.

For instance, how many times have you had to ask for help moving 80lb potted plants around? The smart plant holder extensions allow the plant to attach to the Aerocart making moving them a breeze.

The bag holder attachment and extended dolly turn the unit into a collection vehicle for yard waste. Once it’s full, roll on over to the curb or waste collection area and drop it off.

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  • Dimensions 42 x 12 x 18 inches
  • Constructed of Heavy duty steel
  • Highly versatile lifting and moving cart that instantly converts from wheelbarrow to dolly and more
  • Patented design adjusts center of gravity for a balanced and easy-to-manage load
  • Flat-free tires mean zero maintenance
  • Heavy-duty steel construction can carry up to 300 lbs.
  • Fold-out extension arm to carry flower pots, mulch bags, straw bails and other oversized, awkward items


The Worx Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow Dolly Cart Makes Light Work Around The Garden



As with most Worx products, the value lies in their smart designs.

The Aerocart’s wheel placement is what differentiates it as a wheelbarrow as the wheels sit directly underneath the load rather than in front for better leverage and control. Haul up to 300 pounds and the Aerocart will make it feel like 25 pounds with better stability and maneuverability. It works especially well hauling things like firewood.

Worx Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow Dolly Cart Accessories


When you extend the flap on the bottom of the Aerocart it becomes a powerful dolly / hand truck that offers the same stability as it does in wheelbarrow mode.

The steel reinforced extension arms fold down from the body of the unit allowing it to act as a mini forklift or extended dolly.Worx Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow Dolly


The Aerocart comes with straps that can be placed around heavy potted plants. Those straps connect to the extension arms making it easy to move potted plants. The design stabilizes the plant so it stays level and upright.


The boulder attachment works much like the potted plant attachment. It’s mesh design sits underneath big rocks and boulders holding them in place. Connect the boulder mover to the extension arms and wheel the heavy rocks around.


When using the Aerocart as a hand truck you can pull out the cylinder holder which is useful for moving things like those big water cooler bottles and things of a similar shape. Or attach a bag to the Aerocarts bag holder extension.


Rounding out the features is a trailer hitch mover. The Aerocart can attach to any trailer hitch and be used to move the trailer or small boat around.



Perhaps what we like most about the Aerocart are the additional accessories that are available for purchase that really add function to the cart.


Worx Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow Snow PlowThe Urban Backyard is all about useful products for small outdoor spaces and the Aerocart’s snow plow accessory fits that bill.
If you’re trying to clear a massive driveway from the latest snow storm, you’re definitely going to want a snow blower. But for smaller areas like walkways, city sidewalks, decks or patios the Aerocart’s snow plow attachment converts your Aerocart into a wheeled snow plow in just seconds. It has 3 different height adjustments to maximize comfort and control.


Another issue folks with small outdoor spaces or urban outdoor spaces usually face is a lack of storage. Because of the Aerocart is multi-functional it saves on storage. One such example is the Aerocart’s Wagon Kit. The wagon kit turns the Aerocart into a gardening cart on wheels. It comes with a drink holder and seat making it easy to garden without bending.

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Worx Aerocart Firewood CarrierIf you need to get water to areas where a hose just won’t reach or is unavailable the Aerocart’s Water Hauler Bag attaches to the unit and can hold 20 gallons of water which weigh about 160 pounds. Simply wheel the water to your desired area and dispense like you would a garden hose.



The Aerocart’s firewood carrier rounds out the list of additional attachment and makes stacking and moving firewood easier.



  • Reduces load weights by 90%
  • Flat Free Tires – Air bubbles absorb shock and there is no need to fill with air. Guaranteed to never go flat.
  • Year Round Use – Plow snow, haul firewood in the winter and use it to garden in the summer.
  • Wheel placement allows extra leverage to create more force
  • 8 in 1 functionality saves money and storage space
  • Bright orange color adds a safety element when working near a busy road
  • Priced at well below $200 the Aerocart provides true value
  • Easy Assembly…assembles in 5 minutes


WHAT’S NOT SO GOODworx aerocart

  • In wheelbarrow mode, the capacity is smaller than you’d find in a traditional wheelbarrow.
  • Taller folks might find the handles are too low to the ground.



The WORX Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow Dolly Cart will save you time, space and money. Like most Worx products, its smart design is truly a one of a kind offering exclusively to the Aerocart.
If value and storage space is of great concern we recommend the WORX Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow Dolly Cart as one of the best multifunction carts on the market.

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